Designation : Resident's Son

Since my mother has been at Cama Woodlands home, it's been a wonderful experience for me, as I'm the POA... I received a letter from Cama Woodlands stating that Silver Fox Pharmacy would be the new provider for resident's medications and they would be contacting me to make the required arrangements. I was in disbelief that I would have to start a new relationship with new people and would probably have to go through some growing pains with the new company. Well, I was pleasantly surprised when everything proceeded like clock work. No hassles, no mistakes, like nothing had changed but the name!!! A couple of months later, I asked, "Why in the world did you change to Silver Fox Pharmacy?” That's when I discovered that, in fact, Silver Fox Pharmacy was a new company, but many of their staff already had previous experience working with Cama Woodlands. This then explained the seamless transition, the caring nature of those I talked to when they made first contact. Thank you so very much to Cama Woodlands for caring so much about their residents and their families with the contracting of Silver Fox Pharmacy. Silver Fox Pharmacy has continued to provide excellent services with attention to accuracy and caring!!! Thank you to all for making my responsibilities as a POA easier, by not having to worry about such an important part of my mother's care!!!!